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Practical care accessories

Having a stylishly furnished room that makes you feel good is the best way to ensure optimal relaxation for people requiring care. Not only does the care bed play an important role here, so do the right accessories. Our accessories can be used make our range of care beds even more functional. Take a look at our large selection of accessories and look forward to enjoying an easier life!

Bed accessories
Side tables

Wall deflection system 2

Side Table

Side table plus

In addition to the features of the regular side table, here the table top can be tilted.

Wall deflection system 1

Underbed light

Side rail cushion 1

The side rail cushion prevents patients that move around in their sleep from injuring themselves. Suitable for care beds with long side rails.

Side rail cushion 2

The side rail cushion prevents patients that move around in their sleep from injuring themselves. Suitable for care beds with long side rails.

Side rail extension

This side rail attachment can be used to extend side rails by 10.5 cm. Suitable for long, continuous side rails on beds that are 200 cm long.

Split side rail 1

This split side rail saves spaces and ensures that patients have as much room as possible when getting out of bed and standing up. It does not restrict the movement of patients while they are sleeping but still provides enough protection against falling out of bed.

Split side rail 2

The new split side rail is space-saving and allows maximum freedom when getting up. It does not restrict the patient's freedom of movement during sleep and offers sufficient protection against falling out. Thanks to its innovative mechanism, it can be easily extended and retracted in no time at all.

Continuous side rail

This continuous standard side rail provides sufficient protection and fulfils all requirements for side guards on care beds.

Bed extension

The bed extension consists of a bed surface extension, footrest extension and side rails and can extend the length of care beds to 220 cm.

Bed tray

The bed tray fits all care beds with a width of 90 cm. It can be placed on top of the side rails and easily moved backwards and forwards. The tray makes it easier for patients to eat in bed and it can also be used as a handy shelf.

Folding side rail

The folding steel side rail for our care beds stops patients from falling. The simple folding mechanism is quick and easy to use. This side rail is incredibly stable and can be mounted on all our care beds.

Bed light

The bed light can be fitted in the holder for the patient lifting pole and so can be used with almost any care bed. Depending on the version, it can be operated either by a cord switch or by a switch on the care bed handset. The light has a swivel arm so the patient can position it wherever they want.

IV stand

The IV stand can be easily fitted in the holder for the patient lifting pole and so can be used with all of our care beds. The stand is made from an extremely light aluminium and can be adjusted to a maximum height of 75 cm.


Stand assist rail

The stand assist rail is a steel bar that can be attached to the bed that makes it easier for patients to get out of bed and stand up. It can be mounted quickly and without tools and is extremely easy to clean. The stand assist rail can support up to 120 kg.

Fall protection mattress

Our fall protection mattress in combination with a low bed provides the necessary safety in case of a fall from the bed. It can be folded quickly, easily and in a space-saving way and effectively protects against fall-related injuries.

Care mattress

In addition to the right bed, the right mattress also contributes to an increase in quality of life. Our mattresses are specially tailored to your individual living situation and ensure your well-being.
  • 4 cm viscoelastic foam 80 kg/m³ volume weight
  • 15 cm HR cold foam 29 kg/m³ density
  • Dimensions W x L x H: 90 or 100 x 200 x 19 cm
  • Cover in cotton jacquard velour (75% cotton / 25% polyester) with zip, colour ivory white, Bottom side of cover made of fleece 100% polyester, machine washable at 40° C
  • Vacuum packed in transport bag with wheels

Anti-decubitus mattress

Our anti-decubitus mattress is an effective medical device that can be used to prevent and treat decubitus ulcers (pressure sores). The polyether foam provides a stable and supportive base for the cold foam layers that are added on top. The 3-layer structure provides people suffering from decubitus ulcers with a supportive mattress that relieves pressure and stimulates their circulation.

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