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Home care

tecfor care is your specialist for care beds and furniture for home care. For over a decade now we have been producing modern care beds and ensuring that people requiring care can continue to enjoy quality of life. With our innovative care beds, which promote independence and mobility, we hope to help people enjoy their lives as independently and safely as possible in old age. Our care furniture is technologically up to date, durable and, to encourage a greater a sense of well-being, beautifully designed. Thanks to our large stock, we are able to quickly deliver our products throughout Germany.

Care beds

For people requiring care, their care bed is their daily companion. As such, it is vital that their bed is comfortable and secure. We want our customers to feel safe but we also want to encourage them to be as mobile as possible and make things easier for their caregivers. For this reason, we place great important on the safety, functionality, stylish design and excellent price/performance ratio of our beds and care furniture.

Ecofit S

Functional and durable


The ECOFIT S care bed has been specially developed for home care and is incredibly functional and durable. The price-performance ratio is ideal for the main use of this model of bed.

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The BiB system


The BiB (Bed-in-Bed) system is ideal for anyone that wants the comfort and functionality of a care bed while using their own regular bed.

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Ecofit Plus / Plus low

A care bed with character


The ECOFIT PLUS has solid wood panelling and a homely appearance. This care bed also comes in a LOW version for fall prevention.

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Ecofit Xtra

The heavy-duty bed for home care


The ECOFIT XTRA is a well thought out heavy-duty bed for home care. It has been specially designed for obese people, can support a maximum patient weight of 300 kg and is incredibly stable.

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Special beds

Every person is different and people requiring care also have very different needs This determines the requirements of our special beds. We are able to offer a diverse range of solutions because we constantly work on developing our products further. Our heavy-duty bed, the Ecofit Xtra offers larger and stronger people plenty of space to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep and a comfortable day-to-day life. For people with restricted mobility, our Fondo ULB low bed and our ProMotion mobilisation bed can help to make their lives easier.

Pro Motion

For greater mobility


The functionalities of the PRO MOTION care bed give the people requiring care a feeling of independence and help to improve their quality of life. The special feature of the PRO MOTION is that patients can get out of the bed at the foot of the bed.

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Comfort and function


The comfortable and electrically adjustable FREESTYLE slatted frame consists of 39 wooden spring slats and has an overall height of 9 cm. Also available as FREESTYLE PLUS, which has an additional height function. This bed combines maximum sleeping comfort with all the essential functions of a care bed. The FREESTYLE can be used with all bed frames.

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ULB Fondo

The lowest bed


Our lowest bed is particularly popular because the bed frame can be lowered to floor level. This helps to prevent falls and is therefore particularly suitable for people living at home and in care homes that are at risk of falling.

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Freestyle Plus

Comfort and functionality


The comfortable and electrically adjustable FREESTYLE PLUS slatted frame consists of 42 wooden spring slats and has an overall height of 9 cm. This bed combines maximum sleeping comfort with all the essential functions of a care bed. The FREESTYLE PLUS can be used with all bed frames.

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We also offer a wide range of accessories for your care bed for home care. For large orders, we can make individual modifications to the beds!

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